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911 call of woman being shot by her son Son also calls 911 to report a murder

The mother of a Queens man charged with gunning down his parents can be heard pleading for help to a 911 dispatcher as bullets tear through the family's Springfield Gardens home, according to tape released in Queens court Tuesday .

"Somebody came into our house and shot us," screams Rosie Jaggarnauth to the dispatcher moments before at least two shots rip through the grizzly 911 recording. "Hurry up."
The emotional tape, which includes cries from the wounded mother, had much of the court in tears, including some of the jury and 25-year-old Shane Jaggarnauth, charged with the 2011 murder of parents Rosie and Sugrim Jaggarnauth.

Shots start at around :43 Son calls 911 at around 1:34 to report his parents killed by an intruder

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