Guy Soldering His Truck Next To A Gas Pump Report

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6670 Videos . Published on Oct 27, 2019

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teddylee 4 months ago

Is the guy filming instead of stopping him any smarter?

bigdawg 4 months ago

Yeah, cause he don't want to be anywhere near when it blows. Sometimes you just gotta let nature/darwin take its course.

teddylee 4 months ago

meekmillfan ya mamma.

teddylee 4 months ago

I get natural selection. But it's kinda crappy when he probably would've killed everyone else at the gas station.

meekmillfan 4 months ago

calm down pussy your coochie itching

meekmillfan 4 months ago

fuck u

teddylee 4 months ago

Talking to your vagina isn't going to make it stop burning.

money123 4 months ago

Nah we good lol

lilgeorge 4 months ago

Blow up the place

gimmieasmallslice 4 months ago