Woman That Beat Her Son With A Belt At School Goes Off On People That Are Mad About It Report

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2122 Videos . Published on Nov 08, 2019

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benevoletracist 10 days ago

Not only must punisment be done, it must be seen to be done. All hands on deck to witness punishment. It's a little overboard, CPS gonna get involved.

trarozay 10 days ago

No they not ny not shit sister in law lives in a trap house with her kids I called twice and still nothing it's been a year and 3 months they dont give af

bama 9 days ago

This lady need to go to jail if you drag your dog and beat it like that it’s animal cruelty and record it really I hope you wear those steel bracelets!!!!!

eyeswatching1 10 days ago

I salute it. At least she trying to get that lil nigga's negative behavior put in check.

josephaaneya 10 days ago


jeff 7 days ago

We must whoop our kids when they are wrong

freeze82 7 days ago

Ignorant bit#h makes blacks look bad, super ignorant

teddylee 9 days ago

You doing way too much.

ghmerrida111 6 days ago

That's right where that ass out because if you don't do it the white man going to do oh shoot them dead, so teach him and teach him well respect, my mama would have did the same thing but I tell you this he won't do nothing else wrong in school nor in public. let's turn it around. He'll be beating your ass

money123 10 days ago

Let's get it

snappy77 10 days ago

old school

skippi 8 days ago

Whoop his ass, but on the ass that’s it ????????????????????????

lilgeorge 9 days ago

Freak out

hecter 8 days ago

It’s her child.

nice 10 days ago

I know I stand behind her. Who the fuck wants a dumb thug ass nigga for a child. I give you props on everything you did. Wish you would have done it in front of all the kids to embarrass his dumb little nigga ass.