Student G-Checks Professor For Saying The N-Word Report

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3379 Videos . Published on Sep 21, 2019

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tdouble 30 days ago


ibeatupsowhat 1 month ago


nice 1 month ago

Niggas call niggas niggas. My nigga slow your roll.

sweetheartlove 1 month ago

Ain’t nobody wanna year no white teacher say that especially in a class with all those white students, like this shits ok to say and it’s not

texasnigga 1 month ago

Fight the power!

yungwheeler 1 month ago

This nigga on some pure faggotry

bigjay 1 month ago

This guy says nigga everyday . If blacks want to scrutinize other races for saying nigger, they can start by learning how to live life not calling each other Nigger like it's a term of endearment, and racism when a non-black says it.

bigjay 1 month ago

400 years of nigger.I think it's time to retire that shit.

breezey 1 month ago

Yet another typical punk ass inbred meth saturated hate ape.