Sexual Assault Defendant Pulls Out A Shank And Tries To Stab Prosecutor Report

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48184 Videos . Published on Aug 05, 2016
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Tuesday, 35-year-old Joshua Harding, who was on trial facing two sexual assault charges, pulled from his sleeve what officials have described as a shank and tried to stab assistant prosecutor Jonathan Roth, video of the incident obtained by the State Journal shows.

Public entrances to the courthouse require attorneys, the public and the media to pass through a metal detector. Pockets are emptied and bags, coats and other items are passed through an X-ray machine similar to those in an airport.

When inmates are admitted to the Ingham County jail, they pass through a metal detector and a body scanner, Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said, but those measures aren't taken when inmates, like Harding, are taken from the jail.

Nor do they pass through metal detectors or body scanners when they arrive at Veterans Memorial Courthouse in downtown Lansing, Wriggelsworth said, adding that the issue is something that may be reviewed after the events in Judge James Jamo's courtroom Tuesday.

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