This Is Why You Shouldn’t Flex Money On Social Medias


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Crazy  

Tags : flexing, fail, robbery,

Info : Published on Jan 20, 2020

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manmadddd 9 months ago

Baby daddy set her up

linkxpeach 9 months ago

You shouldnt had flex your money to anyone. Thats asking to get robbed. Why would you show off your money to anybody? You cant expect to get robbed afterwards. Dont want to get robbed. Keep your cash to yourself!

ryan90 9 months ago

Thats what your dumb Azz get

ironry 9 months ago

I don't wanna rape ya, I just want the paper (Uh-huh) The Visa, capisce-ah? I'm out like The Vapors Bitch you dead wrong!

teddylee 9 months ago

Welp that's that

bigsen 9 months ago


money123 9 months ago

That's what you get take the bag

brazynezz 9 months ago

Dumb Azz

smake333 9 months ago

That's them life lessons you gone get a bunch of them from F****d up people in your life

alinda175 9 months ago

gat damn