Man Pulls AR15 During Road Rage In Havelock, NC


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Info : Published on Jul 22, 2020

In #Havelock road rage ends with a Black man pulling his rifle on a White man who has accused him off throwing up gang signs

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rdavis67 3 months ago

P***y Azz B***h had to pull a gun

whiteymctrash 3 months ago

2nd amendment B*tch. TRUMP 2020 right you HYPOCRITE

wakanda77 3 months ago

Yup. God Bless America!!!

greenrod 3 months ago

The guy is not black but mix race, i mean how can you still be black if you have a white or non black half parent, Where's the logic does that makes 🤔. So if Idiots keep referring mix race people as blacks then what is black person with 2 black parents? People that keep referring mix race people as black people still have a slave mind set simple and short

rdavis67 3 months ago

Your just a idiot greenrod. That’s all

greenrod 3 months ago

Ok honkie, your foolish race classified j.lo, white latinas, white Mexicans and so on as non whites but the so called racist term the one drop rule and you as dumb and pathetic you race as you are think mix race people are still black even know they carry white blood and parts in them. So dumbshit as you think your a smart azz you think mix race people 50/50 white and black parents are still black right.... O Lord Am sure God is SMH too. This Question is for you: If mix race are black people then what do you call 2 Black parents having a child?

greenrod 3 months ago

This is America