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Spike Lee mouths off on a rant about gentrification saying black culture in New York is being erased by white residents "as the mother f ****** Christopher Columbus syndrome The director raised in Brooklyn launched into a discussion of the drawbacks of gentrification Compared to Fort Greene Park ' motherf *****' Wesminster Dog Show ' , because it is very clean Lee grew up in Brooklyn, but has lived on the Upper East Side since 2000

Spike Lee was in a long-winded diatribe against gentrification in New York City on Tuesday night when asked to argue against the development of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Harlem.

The director, who has focused on issues of race and gentrification in his films, criticized an audience member at Pratt Institute who started the defense of the changes in neighborhoods.

' Let me kill you now, ' Lee says the unidentified questioner .

' Have you been to Fort Greene Park in the morning? It is like the mother ***** ' Westminster Dog Show. "

Lee pointed the finger at white New Yorkers who have moved to historically black and changed the environment neighborhoods , arguing that these changes have caused the areas to evolve into something completely different .

' Here's the thing : I grew up here in Fort Greene. I grew up here in New York. That has changed . Why you need an influx of white New Yorkers in the South Bronx , in Harlem, in Bed Stuy , Crown Heights facilities to improve ? "He said .
" Garbage is not collected every mother ***** ' days when I lived at 165 Washington Park. PD 20 was not good. PD 11. Rothschild 294. The police were not around.

" When you see white mothers pushing their babies in strollers , three in the morning on 125th Street , which has to say something. '

' You can not just walk into the neighborhood and start bogarting and say , like you motherf *****' Columbus and kill Native Americans. Or what they do in Brazil , what they did to the indigenous peoples. You have to come with respect. There is a code . There are people ' .

' U.S. black population in the city of New York is going down , because ... I reverse migration and what we have and - and something that will de Blasio , I mean you can not get the snow off the earth, but still we need is affordable housing for everyone . "

Despite outrage , Lee has moved to a single cleaner, less noisy area , since he has lived in the Upper East Side since 2000. Stay connected to his Brooklyn roots by basing the company headquarters in Fort Greene , however.

The issue arose when a male member of the audience asked him about a recent New York Times extolling the benefits of gentrification .

This was not the first foray of the recent work on the subject, as a series running on homeless people in the city said that some of the worst shelters managed is located next to the brownstones that now sell for several million people.

Lee said that gentrification is displayed with more than a heavier police presence on the streets, but also by the dismissal of cultural customs.

'' Rubbish ? Have you been to Fort Greene Park in the morning? It is like the mother ***** ' Westminster Dog Show. There are 20,000 dogs running . Whoa . So we had to move to Prospect Park! ' Said Lee.

- I mean, just move in the neighborhood. You just can not enter the neighborhood . I support democracy and let everyone lives , but you have to have some respect .

' You can not just come when people have a culture that has been established for generations and thy coming in, and now have to change s *** because you are here? Get out of here . I can not do that! '


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