Mother Gets Mad At Her Son For Not Knowing What Number Comes After 10 Report

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1979 Videos . Published on Oct 06, 2019

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amasai 1 month ago

The mom is to blame not the kid

lilgeorge 1 month ago

mom chill

manmadddd 1 month ago

She aggressive huh? Type to bend her man over and give him 3 inches of swollen clit.

"I said get ova here nigga n take this shit!" - deep voice

money123 1 month ago

Nah son we good

snappy77 1 month ago

Beat some knowledge in his ass

rlfaulkner88 1 month ago


onlychemical 3 days ago

As someone with a learning disability, that kind of attitude would have just dumbed me down even more as a kid. I actually got some of that kind of harsh treatment from teachers and made zero academic progress. Doesn't help at all.

bigsen 1 month ago


hydratedh2o 1 month ago

classic black qween, bitch can't brush her teeth properly but wanna try to make a kid feel stupid. bitch you raised the lil muthafucka, obviously if he don't know 11 then that's your bad bitch!

nice 1 month ago

Damn one dumb little nigga. You know he not gonna graduate high school, be in prison and amount to nothing. The nigga race is all fucked up.