Jay Z Speaks on Kneeling in the NFL After New Partnership "I Think We've Passed That" Report

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48744 Videos . Published on Aug 15, 2019

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fuxwitit247 8 months ago

Jayz would throw his mom under the bus for that much money....

Rog 8 months ago


drane1210 8 months ago

Yea a billion dollar non profit organization (NFL) who pays no taxes who also just partnered with Roc Nation are really gonna change these social injustice. Notice how Jay Z nonchalantly didn't answer the questions but did indirectly. First answer was " We passed that" that wasn't the right answer. He asked would you have kneeled or not. Jay Z second answer was " do you know what the issue is?". Answering a question with another question. This nigga ain't slick