Thotting Gone Wrong


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By: klaus

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Info : Published on Aug 07, 2019

Tags : fail, thot,

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fuxwitit247 1 year ago

That doors gonna go viral before she does...probably already got a twitter handle.

broomejames 1 year ago

Damn, how she thotting?

kingsmashnpassher 1 year ago

So she pushed a door that clearly wasn't on the hinges? Fake Sh*t

kingsmashnpassher 1 year ago

Sir why can't we curse but can watch porn on the site.? If you're gonna be unholy go full blast with. Stop straddling the fence

hydratedh2o 1 year ago

this isn't ho Sh*t buddy, this just a B***h with a cheap Azz door and her priorities F****d up. while there are strong odds in favor of her being a ho. we can't totally confirm this B***h is a ho solely based on this clip.

suckyducky 1 year ago

Door was held up by faith and faith let go