Man Mauled And Preserved As Food By Bear Survives A Month In Its Den


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By: coldirtybastard

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Info : Published on Oct 18, 2019

Tags : Krokodil, Addict,

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david52 11 months ago

This is bullshit and your captions are lies, that man was attacked by a bear and was rescued from it den. This is an old video smfh!!!

benevoletracist 11 months ago

a bear didn't put the poor bastard on that Auschwitz diet

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

yea I just googled "man rescued from bear den"...the bear broke his spine and was keeping him for weeks to eat eventually.

white-mans-catnip 11 months ago


trarozay 11 months ago

Yall foul for this this man went thru hell from a bear attack and yall N****s wanna say hes a drug fiend F**k yall for this

brodriguez 11 months ago


vici0us 11 months ago

Walking corpse = Krocodil

lilgeorge 11 months ago

got me

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

sometimes death is better.....GD looks like the auditioning for The Walking Dead

money123 11 months ago

YG is not going nowhere

bigsen 11 months ago

there goes my lunch...

meekmillfan 11 months ago

damn who his drug dealer? N***a got that good Sh*t