Atlanta Cop Held 5 Black Kids At Gunpoint With Their Hands Up In A Case Of Mistaken Identity


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By: Rog   Channel : Atlanta  

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Info : Published on Jun 16, 2020

This was today (Monday, June 15 2020) in #ClaytonCountyGeorgia. A Police Officer has his gun drawn on 5 Kids/Teens #AfricanAmerican with their hands up in a case of mistaken identity.

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trackerapple 6 months ago

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blackscorpio1967 6 months ago

There is an agenda - police are being instructed to kill more innocent black males in order to elevate civil unrest.. just so that they can officially declare Martial Law in Amerikkka! There is just no way.. after the last shooting and George Floyd.. Police officers getting fired.. Police officers and Police Chiefs walking off the job.. and there are officers out there doing stuff like this? at a time like this? knowing people are filming them? Are they even REAL cops? There is just so much video evidence of Police taking part in riots and vandalism.. lighting arson fires and strategically placing pallets of bricks for protesters to use.. Police destroying their OWN vehicles.. Police brutally assaulting people.. the videos are just endless!! There is something MUCH BIGGER going on folks.. we are being played.. and we are falling for EVERYTHING that they are throwing at us. Anybody else wondering what happened to Covid-19 all of a sudden?

jeromem03 6 months ago

Let's be transparent here because I'm.from.clay co, they released the 911 audio and the full.bodycam video, the kids had a bb gun that looked like.a pistol and the store owner called the police, so without knowledge that it was a bb gun I think the officer did well.