Damn: Dude Beats His Son After Catching Him Dancing With A Gay Man


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By: yrnnick

Channel : Bad Parenting  
Info : Published on Oct 10, 2019

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theduck1893 12 months ago

dad of the year

sys 12 months ago

Hell yeah, beat the fuxwidkcs247 out of him.

bigdawg 12 months ago

He ain't Sh*t

wiggle 8 months ago

He would of died slowly eye drops in his water everyday until hes no more ???? beat that B***h

wiggle 8 months ago

He would of died slowly eye drops in his water everyday until hes no more ???? beat that B***h

wiggle 8 months ago

He would of died slowly eye drops in his water everyday until hes no more ???? beat that B***h

ho0dlegend 12 months ago

All of y'all N****s talking about that Sh*t was ok, and it wasn't. The father need his retarded Azz beat for trying to beat the gayness out of his son clearly he was born gay.

viimarie 12 months ago

Nah, that's not the point... He EMBARRASSED HIS DAD!!!

ho0dlegend 11 months ago

Lmaoo how the hell he embarrassed his dad by being himself.

eazye03 12 months ago

I undestand being upset your son is gay... but you can't beat the Gay outta him lol

hydratedh2o 12 months ago

that don't even look like the same kid, F**k outa here, and you can't beat the Gay out, he over here dancing with a super Gay Azz dude in public, that's not curious, that's full on gay.

bgr001 12 months ago

I hope he whipped the other guy's Azz his son looks underaged

shoc2006 12 months ago

hate to see that beating to a child but hats off to dad.

brooswane 12 months ago

Bro.....have a stern convo and educate your boy....beating him like that will only inspire rebellion....dad needs his Azz whipped. Straight up.

jayewho 12 months ago

Shouldve beat that Gay Azz N***a for dancing with his son as well.

ghostdog407 12 months ago

that was disturbing. He didnt have to beat him like that.

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

I'm gonna call my friends in the Sinaloa cartel and have that dad killed....then I'm putting a call in for bootlegyourmom and zodd....who cares if someone is Gay or what they eat for dinner.

bootlegyourmom 12 months ago

fuxwitit247 the Sinaloa is more drugs Zetas is who your looking for. FAX.

hecter 12 months ago

I cant be mad at the dad. That kid was way to young to be carrying on like that in front of people. I hope he paid a visit to that guy he was dancing with..

countryboi 11 months ago

It's never ok to beat someone for dancing with someone, how it may look to other people is their problem

cetewayo53 12 months ago


the4thmigoo 12 months ago


viimarie 12 months ago

Welp.... He was a little TOO happy holding onto another man's ass.

Pinchy123 12 months ago

But how you gone be dancing with that kid like that.?

bigsen 12 months ago


bootlegyourmom 12 months ago

I told my brother not to follow in fuxwitit247 's footsteps. zodd can dance tho!

bigdawg 12 months ago

Dayum, even the baby was feeling second hand smoke.

wiggle 8 months ago

Anti-freeze is a thing poison his Azz

maddworld1 11 months ago


bgr001 12 months ago

Happy Birthday!!!

rsmith87 5 months ago

I hope most of yall don't have kids. If he's F**king gay, he's just F**king gay. Go beat that grown man's Azz who was dancing with him if anything.

lilgeorge 12 months ago


ryand5150 12 months ago

That was NOT the same person....smdh.

gimmieasmallslice 12 months ago

The way he was flailing his hands ???????????? that was mean though

brandon1 11 months ago

Beat the F*****t out of him

nice 12 months ago

Wow fuxwitit247 you made your fat F**king boyfriend got whipped by his dad. Damn you F**king Transwoman nigga.

manmadddd 12 months ago

I approve this shit. Better it now or wait till later with the kid now grown man saying he had no male figure in his life

money123 12 months ago

Good job pop not in my house

cubanslim313 12 months ago

Whoop his Azz