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A homeowner who answered a knock at the door suddenly found himself at gunpoint as part of a devious heist that almost resulted in a full-on home invasion.

Surveillance footage out of Alamogordo, New Mexico shows a young woman wearing a hoodie and jeans approaching the home’s front door and ringing the doorbell. When the homeowner answers, he and the woman exchange a few words and a small dog can be seen greeting the visitor.

Suddenly, the dog darts off toward a figure casting a shadow on the walkway – which turns out to be an armed man hiding a handgun in his overcoat. As he attempts to force open the screen door, two more men, one of which is wielding a rifle, arrive for backup.

The three intruders nearly manage to get inside the house, but the homeowner is able to close and lock the front door in the nick of time. When they realize that they won’t get in without a fight, the robbers turn tail and flee.

Now, the Alamogordo Police Department is looking for any clues as to the identities of this particular gang of bandits.


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