Texas Cop Caught On Camera Putting His Hands Around A Student's Throat


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By: Rog

Channel : Police Activity  
Info : Published on Oct 10, 2015

ROUND ROCK, Texas — A Round Rock police officer's actions are igniting a firestorm on social media after he was caught on camera putting his hands around a student's throat.

Gyasi Hughes is suspended from Round Rock High School today due to a fight between him and another student over a pair of prescription sports goggles. But it's what happened afterwards that has him speaking out.

Two Round Rock School Resource Officers were called by an administrator to help break up the fight between the two students. In cell phone video, shot by another student, the officers are seen trying to calm Hughes down. But when the 14 year old puts his hand on the officer, the cop grabs him by the throat and takes him to the ground.

"I was mad because he kept pushing me and touching me and I wasn't physically doing anything to him either. That's when I said 'can you leave me alone' and that's when he took me down," said Gyasi Hughes.

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