Had Him Shook: Man Sues Arkansas Police After They Blast His Door Without Any Warning


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By: Dikid   Channel : Police Activity  

Info : Published on Oct 16, 2018

Look at the Dog, he knew something was up."A man who is suing the Little Rock Police Department for blasting his
door down and raiding his apartment without probable cause during a drug
raid said Monday that he feared for his life.

Roderick Talley recalled during a news conference how police used
explosives to enter his apartment last August in an ultimately
unsuccessful search for cocaine. Talley’s lawyers allege police violated
his rights against unlawful search when they obtained a so-called
“no-knock” arrest warrant under falsified pretenses.

They also say police used misleading, if not false, justification for
dozens of other unlawful drug raids, mostly against black residents.

In an affidavit officers filed to search Talley’s apartment, police say
they sent an informant to Talley’s door with $100 to buy cocaine. The
three officers said they “observed the door open” and saw the informant
have a conversation with someone in the apartment. Later, the affidavit
claims the informant explained that he purchased cocaine from two black
men at Talley’s address. "

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