Inmates Flexing With Weapons Report

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5014 Videos . Published on Sep 28, 2019

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bigdawg 5 months ago

Sad part is, he had to keister those shanks.

fuxwitit247 5 months ago


birdmann5314 5 months ago

Now how he gone stash that

lilgeorge 5 months ago

cant believe my eyes

brodriguez 5 months ago

You can see why they r locked up. Lol snitching on themselves.

bamct915 5 months ago


mrwrong 5 months ago

Niggas, niggas never change

slickrick00 5 months ago

niggers hope and dreams right there. singing and dancing and being in jail with big illegal weapons. about sums up LOSERS life goals.

ace9304 5 months ago

well, well, look at DAN...dumb ass nigga

realhated 5 months ago


danilo557 5 months ago

Daa fuuuuhhk lol

money123 5 months ago


idgadamn 4 months ago

So stupid !!! Knowing they gonna see them

fuxwitit247 5 months ago

nice this is the gang that's gonna violently rape you when you go to can take the warrior out of Africa, but you cat take the Africa out the warrior,

xtomgee 5 months ago

Stupid shit

maddworld1 5 months ago

Where the hell he hiding that shit at

nice 5 months ago

Up fuxwitit247 ass. Fuxwitit247 is a tranny.