Man Completely Ignores Woman Twerking In Front Of Him Report

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14 Videos . Published on Aug 08, 2019
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In this era, that's the smartest thing he could ever do.

username 15 days ago

that lil funky ass booty. FOH

fuxwitit247 15 days ago

Maybe he's gay?

legacy 15 days ago

That's because he's gay... Nice Ass Though.

hydratedh2o 15 days ago

he can prolly smell the stank from there. just because you simps are thirsty as fuck and will eat any bitches unwashed ass that allows you to, don't assume we all like you faggots. some of us don't want that ninja or a fuckin itchy dick, or the worst disease of them all with a aint shit bitch, that k.i.d's

blackboi90 14 days ago

I’m guessing that someone gave u something u can’t get rid of and now you’re mad at the world. Lol. Posted a video of a woman dancing and you’re mad, maybe your the faggot. Lmao. Am I right?

blackboi90 15 days ago

U have issues bro. It’s just a video. Smh. Kill yourself

blackboi90 13 days ago

Gay ass nigga

hydratedh2o 14 days ago

go choke on a aids dick you fuckin faggot. that's how desensitized you he-bitches are, 'its just a video'. bitch! go simp somewhere else, don't come around my posts with this faggotry!

blackboi90 13 days ago

Gay ass nigga

sys 12 days ago

Jumping on anything shaking in front of you would eventually take you between the leg of a transformer.Have some selfworth it's not because somewhore start twerking that she deserves your attention.

penutt 13 days ago

He was looking for her booty but just couldn't it anywhere

bigdawg 13 days ago

Y'all trippin, that's some good-good on the other side of that lil booty. He must be a got damn Unsullied.

deewhy92 15 days ago

I’d be ignoring that little boy body too

suckyducky 15 days ago