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Info : Published on Apr 03, 2020

1 (a). "Hit A Lick" published on YouTube [December 18, 2010] when my name was spelled Te_Money and my team Got Heart Ent. @GotHeartEnt was only recording in the basement with #cooleditpro

1 (b). "The Lick" by Jeezy & USDA/CTE released [January 2011] ONE MONTH AFTER they rap Hit That Lick in the hook but named the song differently so it wouldn't go noticed @Jeezy

2 (a). "434 561 704" (remix to Gudda Gudda feat. 2chainz "Gettin To The Money") was published on YouTube [December 25, 2010] my name was spelled Te' $$$ or Te' Money back then

Pay attention to my delivery and how my punchlines are at the end bars, mainly when i said SIMILAC!

2 (b). "Spend it" by @2chainz released [February 22, 2011] and was published on YouTube [July 26, 2011] both dates after my verse on the video above ^

How ironic?! I'm sure he heard my remix to the song he was featured on......don't forget SIMILAC!!!

3 (a). Fast forward to 2012 i changed the spelling of my name to Ta3$ and had been working on my debut album. On [October 31, 2012] i release a single named "Paranoid" which was also featured on the album Global WARning in [November 2012].

3 (b) Ty Dolla $ign "Paranoid" single came out [September 2013] and album was released January 21, 2014.

Funny how this B***h Azz N***a named is spelled just like Ta3$(me) and how his track had a feature on it(just like mine). @tydollasign @AtlanticRecords @TaylorGang

4 (a). "My Niggas" (my ninjas) released on my Global WARning album [November 20, 2012].

It was inspired by the "My Niggas" skit on Dmx's second album

4 (b). YG "My Nigga" (my hitta) released [September 2013] and was included on his debut album March 18, 2014. It featured Jeezy (ONCE AGAIN) who had previously stolen my song as shown earlier (1b)
@YG @jeezy @RichHomieQuan @defjam

5 (a). "Let's Get It" released on my Global WARning album [November 20, 2012].

Didn't really hear many people saying #LetsGetIt besides the early 2000's on that g.dep song but that DID NOT inspire my version obviously the two sound totally different

5 (b). Cashout "Let's Get It" featuring Ty dolla $ign (ironically) released [February 2014] and the album later in August 2014. @TheRealCashOut @tydollasign @wizkhalifa @eOneMusicUS

6 (a). "Street Approved" released [December 6, 2012] i was featured on it, it wasn't my song. Pay close attention to the hook though!
*side note* we also mentioned trophies in the same song

6 (b). Drake "Started From The Bottom" released [February 6, 2013] and the album dropped September 2013.

Sounds just like our Sh*t he only changed two words! This would be the first of many songs that this white boy steals from me @Drake #CashMoneyRecords @republic @UMG

7 (a). "Like im is" released [November 20, 2012] on my Global WARning album.

Only one part of the line was stolen, ('94 Barkley, my trees the same color purple)
but you will see later how much influence I have on this same artist!!

7 (b). Quavo "Charles Barkley" released sometime in [October 2013] a year after my project

Changed my line from
'94 Barkley my trees the same color purple

to new line
Charles Barkley 34 i got the broccoli....................
@QuavoStuntin @Migos

8 (a). Trenches feat. Ta3$ and Dame released [August 5, 2014] I'm sure we recorded it back in 2013

*side note* peep the hook, my

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Rog 7 months ago

Only reason I approved this Sh*t is for everyone to see how delusional you are... Most of your songs don't even sound close to these rappers

meekmillfan 7 months ago

Rog can u reach out to King Meek to make a diss track on this nigga?

434taemoney 4 months ago

shut yo computer geek Azz up..I obviously exposed one of your favorite rappers...STOP DICKEATING B***h the proof is in the pudding

Rog 7 months ago

you claiming these rap nighas been stealing yo song since 2011 but i bet you have filed 0 lawsuit

434taemoney 4 months ago

you know how hard it is to find an entertainment lawyer in virginia you pussy? if you have any referrals send em then hoe Azz N***a

rattar1 7 months ago

yeah you paranoid, you're tripping. you've been smoking and sipping. lonely with no bitches. lmao

fuxwitit247 7 months ago


434taemoney 4 months ago

you'll never in yo lifetime get better looking women than me

434taemoney 4 months ago

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bigsen 7 months ago

that dude can rap, he gone be the next 50 Tyson...

bigsen 3 months ago

i have more money than your momma ol B***h Azz nigga.

434taemoney 4 months ago

50 Tyson got more money than all you comment N****s

marathonog 7 months ago

Lmao bugging

Rog 7 months ago

Lemme downvote this Sh*t

434taemoney 4 months ago

yea cause you a hater with no talent besides being a NERd or even a HACKER. He admitting that he downvotes and DELETES VIDEOS BEFORE THEY GO VIRAL. MY LAST ACCT HE COMPLETELY WIPED THOUSANDS OF VIEWS

meekmillfan 7 months ago

Rog body this N***a please...especially since this Sh*t aint got nothing to do with Meek Mill

434taemoney 4 months ago


jroll 7 months ago

Haha! you crazy Bastard! Only thing jackin your style is arkam aslyum

434taemoney 4 months ago

show your face BOT

iiworkmagic 7 months ago


434taemoney 4 months ago

you need some money? send me yo PayPal LMAO

possumsweatyshirt 7 months ago

Seems to me like you reaching fam.....

434taemoney 4 months ago


drscorpion 7 months ago

The F**k is this...nigga u garbage

434taemoney 4 months ago

show your face before I reply

marathonog 7 months ago

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