Woman Who Climbed In The Bronx Zoo Lion Den Does The So Brooklyn Challenge While Cops Are Looking For Her Report

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9502 Videos . Published on Oct 04, 2019

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danilo557 10 months ago

Nowonder the lion didnt do Sh*t lol

metalepic 10 months ago

Even that lion knew B***h is crazy I aint eating that

rekklesp 10 months ago

Don't do drugz .

realhated 10 months ago

stopped watching after she said she was possessed

lilgeorge 10 months ago

She crazy

triptilthewrldnds 3 months ago

Possessed. She said it herself.

snappy77 10 months ago

This B***h crazy

bootlegyourmom 10 months ago

This dumb nigger.

tori123 10 months ago


sunnyvoodooo 10 months ago


money123 10 months ago

This hoe crazy real talk lol

bigdawg 10 months ago

I bet the P***y bomb AF. But leave that crazy puss alone. Ebola won't put you through the Sh*t she will.