Girl Gets Mad After Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her And Took His Air Conditioner And His Furniture Out Of The House Report

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4667 Videos . Published on Aug 09, 2019

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bigdawg 5 months ago

Copper digging bitch can't stay away from side dick long enough to keep a decent man. Dude got a decent car and bought your silly ass AC. When that 90 degree sun hitcho ass tomorrow, you gonna be cryin' over that "little dick." Girl just too stupid for her own good.

sirsmokesalot 4 months ago

As he remover his belonging it was then that Aaron knew the pussy was sour and she wasnt worth a booty call at ANY price. He was WOKE

seerock 5 months ago

She so hurt ????

white-mans-catnip 5 months ago

You have a house with no a/c

fuckoutmyface 5 months ago

Bout time he left that goblin lookin bitch