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Boxer Patrick Day has died at age 27 after brain surgery following knockout loss on October 12


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fuxwitit247 6 months ago

We honor a warrior who died as a warrior....BUT MMA is safer than boxing...leg submit, arm submits, and chokes are safe ways to win.

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

jslitz1 NO. google it. boxing is constantly being punched in the head and the object is to knock someone out. few opportunities to win any other way. MMA is the safer choice.

jslitz1 6 months ago

Boxing is much safer, at least when you get knocked down you've got a chance to recover

eazye03 6 months ago

Imagine how homeboy feels who knocked him out. This is really sad

jimmy 6 months ago

R.I.P brother, This saddens me..

meekmillfan 6 months ago

what does meek mill think about this?

countryboi 6 months ago

Too many shots to the head like that finally took it's toll

benevoletracist 6 months ago


maddworld1 6 months ago

That didn’t feel like a win. He gone need some therapy

money123 6 months ago


snappy77 6 months ago

Wow rip

brooswane 6 months ago

This fight should have been stopped by his team. He was clearly outmatched near the end. ????

brodriguez 6 months ago

Very sad

lilgeorge 6 months ago