Had Enough: Substitute Teacher Beats Down Student Who Slapped Her In Classroom Report

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2490 Videos . Published on Nov 09, 2019
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KYLE, Texas — A substitute teacher at Lehman High School in Kyle has been fired and charged after videos posted on social media appeared to show her fighting with a student. KVUE spoke with the school district and a student in the classroom, who confirmed that the video circulating on social media captured the incident. In the video, you can see the teacher punching the student multiple times, pulling her from her desk and stomping on her head. Another video also shows the student striking the teacher as she was grasping her in her seat. The Hays County Sheriff's Office identified the teacher as Tiffani Shadell Lankford, 32. Officials said the student involved was 15 or 16 years old. The sheriff's office said Lankford was arrested on-site after school resource officers responded. She was charged with aggravated assault, a second-degree felony


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teddylee 1 month ago

Fuck that little bitch. Free my nigga Tiffany.

theworldisending 1 month ago

Funny how when that white substitute did that to the boy in class the boy got arrested, and expelled, while the teacher not only kept her job, but got paid leave.

mkp 1 month ago

The teacher had a right to defend herself, it's amazing when you are Black and fight back you are wrong but when its a White person beating up a Black they are always in the right, never arrested or charged. I am with the teacher good for her.

mrtea 1 month ago

These Lil bad motherfuckers are off the chain..lol

gqsmooth86 27 days ago

According to a certain, particular article....rumor has it....that......the little teenage ho called my baby mama Tiffani.....the N word!????

snappy77 1 month ago

had enough

nice 29 days ago

If it was reverse the 2 nigga hero Jackson or Sharpton would be all over it. The NCAAP and black,lives matter would want a protest.

fckurthoughts 1 month ago

Fck that lil bitch I hope no charges be filed

money123 1 month ago

How bout that

lilgeorge 29 days ago