Lawsuit: Black Man Beaten By Police While In Handcuffs Report

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242 Videos . Published on Mar 11, 2020

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internet 3 months ago

my eyes getting beat by flyheight logos

kingshawn 3 months ago

They should have Trayvon Martined his ass!

bigjay 3 months ago

If one kicks, spits, or bites, this happens. No lawsuit here. If he were sitting while cuffed, and the cop didn't like what he said about his wife, or mother, or even the cop himself and then gets the shit kicked out of him, that's a lawsuit. I had a friend who sued . He won 2.5 Million. He was seated in cuffs. Officer didn't like what he said and broke his hip with a club. He passed away already though.

arianass 27 days ago