Grandfather Paid His 11-Year-Old Grandson $40 To Take Morphine Pill And Urinate In Cup For Drug Test


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Info : Published on Jan 26, 2020

An Arizona grandfather is accused of paying his 11-year-old grandson to take his drug test for him and swallow half a morphine pill.

John Davis was arrested Wednesday in Mesa, Arizona, on child abuse and possession of marijuana charges. Court documents obtained by KPHO/KTVK say officers were called to a Mesa elementary school the day prior after an 11-year-old student was showing signs of a drug overdose.

According to those court documents, the child reportedly told school officials his grandpa gave him $40 to urinate in a cup for him so he would pass his drug test and also to take half a morphine pill. KPHO/KTVK discovered that Davis is prescribed the morphine, but is accused of telling his grandson he didn’t want to test positive for marijuana so he could continue getting the pills.

The 11-year-old’s mother reportedly knew he became very sick and that her son was being paid off to take drug tests, but sent him to school anyway, court documents state

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