Soldier Rages Over A Parking Space At Macy's And Assaults His Own Wife


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : Public Freakout  

Tags : ASSAULT, soldier,

Info : Published on Jul 18, 2020

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greenrod 3 months ago

All that pinky red energy wasted for nothing

roscoe35 3 months ago

Look at Niggre Rod wishing he were an American so what he says here matters but it never will and he will always be a self loathing blackie. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

roscoe35 3 months ago

Oh look another self loathing blackie. Welcome to my house of slaves MY NIGGRE

bladeedg 3 months ago

stfu virgin

jape 3 months ago

Imagine acting like this over a fuckin Parking spot. Imagine pushing/putting hands on your own for trying to calm you down. When my girl does that i listen because i respect her view and would hate to embarrass her or my child. This did has some serious anger issues. He needs to be fighting in war till he dies. fuckin prick

mvrda 3 months ago

10 bucks says he’s a POG, gets the shitty details, and from the little I can see he’s light on the right. Life is miserable for that flesh bag