White Girl Dared Black Girl To Hit Her And Got Rag Dolled All Over The Classroom Report

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4742 Videos . Published on Oct 22, 2019

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shoc2006 7 months ago

if u not going to fight, why provoke?

skookie69 7 months ago

I love how she tried using the leg as an excuse after the fact she got her ass kicked.

snappy77 7 months ago

becareful what you ask for

jrmint 7 months ago

Her momma take black pipe

teddylee 7 months ago

Should've just let her walk away. But noooo. She just had to get even louder.

slickrick00 7 months ago

all the feral wakandans know is violence. never relax

zodd 7 months ago

yeah that white bitch was a servant back in wakanda.. the black master taught her to not forget her place.

money123 7 months ago

Let's get it

meekmillfan 7 months ago

did she hit her?

Pinchy123 7 months ago

Omfg lol

jeff 7 months ago


lilgeorge 7 months ago

Smoked her ass

legacy 7 months ago

That's what's up

sexyraven 7 months ago


elneyo 4 months ago


Pinchy123 7 months ago

I don't wanna "write checks My ass can't cash"

9etherqueen 7 months ago

I guess the daze at the end of the beating makes them think they want more UNTIL they get that final pop and digress ????

guccitote2pistols 4 months ago

Damn did she at least pinch the bitch

alligator 7 months ago

Lol good. Let those honks learn.