Lynx Attacked Trainer During A Circus Performance


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By: lilgeorge

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Info : Published on Feb 25, 2020

An eyewitness captured the incident on a the other day during a performance by a visiting circus troupe in South Ossetia. People gathered at a performance in Tskhinval witnessed a lynx attack on a trainer.

The animal started to huddle, and the man began to tug on a leash. He managed to pull the lynx off the table, however, this was the last straw that overwhelmed the patience of a feline.

Lynx attacked a man, striking him with his paws. The circus worker did not immediately manage to calm the ward and drag her backstage. How seriously the trainer suffered was not specified.

Judging by the screams, the incident caused a panic in the auditorium, which was not fenced off from the scene where a wild animal appeared.

At the same time, they said in the circus that the lynx did not attack the trainer, but sought protection from him, as she was frightened by the flashes of the audience’s cameras. It is reportedTASS , with reference to the circus administrator Julia Warsaw.

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