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Info : Published on Feb 12, 2020

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lblayde 7 months ago

This shitt sad, I been though the same , I saw a woman said a man will complain but , won't try to get custody but be happy with giving a child a gift here and their when convenience newsflash you can't just go in and say I want custody of my kid you have to have a complaint child abuse plus the system is set up against you go and file for custody they be talking about they can take the kids and put them in a alternate home until they work the case out yes she said you did something you said she did something a lot of time is best to leave the kid there if it's a chance of them I'm going to stay in somebody else house that is not in your family just because y'all disagree, a lot of times the moma be so dirty, it's best to step back so the child can have a lil peace, my daughters mom did the same she brought them to me hair all over their head looking bad, when I paid to get it braided, took them home she took it out , talking crazy, I kept getting it done every 2 weeks until she got tired of doing it over, I could tell 100s of story the court system don't help, before yall do you pay child support thing, I pay $1,000 a month

hahalatrelle 7 months ago

That B***h petty ASF

kuttboi86 7 months ago

U stupid dumb B***h dey need tuh kutt yo head off punk B***h hate hoes like her kuz a N***a ain't wit yo bum miserable B***h Azz fuk azz how she dnt give a fuk bout that child for her to do sum Sh*t like dat

rustyben911 26 days ago

I believe this is not the first time he had the child's hair done without the consent of the mother haha FC should have saved the child's head until he can learn to ask permission it's both their children and they should come to an agreement one should not do something without the permission of the other especially if they are not in a good relationship and they live separately if they live together they should be able to do whatever as a team and still have to ask questions having a hair do is a very personal thing it's like putting a tattoo on somebody a hairdo could be permanent for a while I'll they should have agreed on something that's why they fight parents fighting over a child the child will grow up and they will look stupid when the child see this video