Can't Tell Him Nothing: Little Boy Done Came Up Off Of $16


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By: Rog

Channel : Badazz Kids  
Info : Published on Oct 27, 2019

Tags : rns,

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bigdawg 11 months ago

Hope you can read, with your little bad Azz

bigsen 11 months ago

he trapping at the age of 4 get your money lil homie... Blood Gang.....715

bambusa 11 months ago

He sound better than most da rappers right now #rns

money123 11 months ago

Let me hold 5 lil bro

snappy77 11 months ago

came up

lilgeorge 11 months ago

Kid tripping

teddylee 11 months ago

Aye he's more solid than half these mf's in the game today.