Crazy Asf: Angry Stud Destroys Girlfriend House - And Does It In Front Of Gf's Toddler Daughter


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By: Rog   Channel : Domestic Violence  

Tags : SMH, stud,

Info : Published on May 16, 2020

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ross78 5 months ago

Lmao she gone look back at this and regret it

admru 5 months ago

And she wasn't gone dare hurt them babies lol... Be mad all you want but B***h you aint STUPID

bucnasty99 5 months ago

Studs are the biggest simps. Dogmeat

arieswalsh 5 months ago

🍿🍿I'm sorry 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Honestly, don't fems and studs know that the tendency that the girl they love is a freak slut rounds out around 97.2%?🤣🤣🤣🤣

261rossgang 5 months ago

Lol, ole funny built bitch.... B*****s do that Sh*t to men all the time, wanna be a nigga, she left her kids with you lol

whiteymctrash 5 months ago

Imagine that, a black daddy and white momma left a mixed baby with grandma. Watch her become a Republican after this.

fuzzyslippazz 5 months ago

F**k this Lee Press On Bitch--------------Hands and Feet on dis Bitch----------------