Cop Kills Man By Slamming Head Into Car And Choking Him After Presuming Man Was Driving Stolen Car Report

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4966 Videos . Published on Dec 24, 2019
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Police Brutality  

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Deputies thought the car was stolen but it was being driven by its rightful owner.

A horrific act of police abuse was caught on body cam showing an enraged California sheriff's deputy slamming a man's head against his own car while trying to pull him through the driver-side window as the man's foot remained lodged in the steering wheel.

Somona County sheriff's deputy Charles Blount then placed the driver, David Glen Ward, into a chokehold for 30 seconds while deputy Jason Little tasered him. Ward stopped breathing and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Deputies were angry that Ward had bitten their fingers as they kept yanking him out the window despite him moaning in pain about his leg stuck in the steering wheel.

Police say a few days earlier, Ward reported his car stolen after telling police he had been carjacked. But he somehow got it back which was why he was driving when deputies tried to pull him over.

The incident took place November 27 at around 5:40 a.m. and resulted in Blount's "termination" – not that he will stop receiving paychecks anytime soon.


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normalthom 6 months ago

3:38 is the head bashing. After hanging on this site, I thought that cops only did this to black dudes. Hmmmm.

internet 6 months ago

Black dudes don't need to bite first.

bigdawg 6 months ago

Been doing poor white folks like this since the beginning. But will white folks even protest about it? That's why cops get to do the Sh*t they do, white folks just sitting idly by.