Father Arrested For Killing His 15-Year-Old Daughter & Is Also Charged With Statutory Rape! Report

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772 Videos . Published on Aug 21, 2019

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white-mans-catnip 11 months ago

Probably threatened to tell he was hitting it.

bootlegyourmom 11 months ago

Caught that sheboon twerking. Dealt with her accordingly. Knew she was not gonna amount to sh!t.

zodd 11 months ago

sounds typical... see your daughter dancing sexy and you rape her.. you white men are a devil race.

bootlegyourmom 11 months ago

You say it like it's a BAD thing, but only if she's black. Yummy!

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

1:36. They say she is gone for no known reason....@zodd your mom says hi

benevoletracist 11 months ago

Epstein has got company in pedo hell.

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

Epstein isn't dead...he's in Cuba

dbizzle43 11 months ago

Sick azz crakkas

catriceseals 7 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

reaihated 11 months ago

This is a True Viking I am proud to be a caucasian right now!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

I can see your redneck from over here....

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

The combo is Black dads, White moms.....