Outta Pocket: Girl Got Jumped In The Church While On Facebook Live And Had Complete Meltdown After That Report

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5664 Videos . Published on Mar 16, 2020

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bakabreezy 17 days ago

Woooow that’s crazy. Her pops weak weak too

iketernr 17 days ago

Did chick is mental. See the dark circles around her eyes. She doesn’t sleep. And she is always amped. Probably off her meds as well. Pray for she and her family.

kingpin121487 14 days ago

Nigs and this on my momma shit lmao

jhoffa22 14 days ago


dariasucked 17 days ago

She needs mental help

kingpin121487 14 days ago

Is this what nigs amount to? Smfh

teddylee 17 days ago

Why's she built so much like her brother?

iketernr 9 days ago

This chick needs some Ritalin.

ricobme 12 days ago

She needs to go back to hell , where she came from. Ignorance

girlfriend 12 days ago

Mental Illness is real!!!!!