This Guy Probably Killed Himself After Getting Roasted This Hard On Facebook Live! Report

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5639 Videos . Published on Jan 19, 2020

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kingshawn 2 months ago

The videos black people make for likes. Black people stupid af

t3up02 2 months ago

But a white boy letting a dog lick food from out his mouth isn't stupid .....? It's not about race it's just about stupid humans in general . All races have them

kingshawn 2 months ago

I didn't say I liked the white guy either. Who said anything about a white guy? I didn't say shit about messicans or Chinese either bitch motherfucker. Fuck you, do you suck black dicks or something fuck boy?

nice 2 months ago

Whatcha you talking about boy. A dumb ass nigga. This nigga talks to much

alinda175 2 months ago

too valguar

kingshawn 2 months ago

Shut up hoe, you can't even spell. You prolly a messican HAHAHA!

kokomami 2 months ago

That was petty and now his life is ruined as this is on internet for life

teddylee 2 months ago

So you mean to tell me he could've done that at anytime?

josephaaneya 2 months ago


josephaaneya 2 months ago