Motorcyclist Killed In Crash While Doing Wheelies Report

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5122 Videos . Published on Oct 08, 2019

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bigdawg 10 months ago

Fuuuuuuck! Had to be a drunk driver. Dumb motherfuckers.

vici0us 10 months ago

Nah he was going 30 in highway wheely thus the car wont see the tail lights being it on the floor, but be that as it may that car was going well over 90 so..

bootlegyourmom 10 months ago

ahahahahaha ahahahahha ahahahahaha ahahahahaha ahahahahahaha ahahahahaha ahahahaha ahahha ahahahahaha ahahahaha

money123 10 months ago

Now that's magic

rlfaulkner88 10 months ago


dey 10 months ago

Dammmmnnn wtf

nice 10 months ago

You think he dead?

liljg28200 10 months ago


danilo557 10 months ago

mmm F****d him up

slickrick00 10 months ago

another dumb N****r removes himself from the gene pool, thank god. Yea lets do wheelies on a freeway at NIGHT, in the FAST LANE, too bad the car didnt take out more LOW IQ rejects

iiworkmagic 10 months ago


dubidblzz 10 months ago


lilgeorge 10 months ago

F**k him up

vici0us 10 months ago

Yea go 35 in the Freeway doing a wheely, very smart... They cant see anything LOLZ

bigsen 10 months ago

damn son