Volunteers Teach Homeless Children under Bridge

Volunteers Teach Homeless Children under Bridge

  • Nov 16, 2016   636    
A group of volunteers have come together and set up a school for street children under a busy flyover bridge in the strife ravaged city of Karachi, Pakistan.

The heart warming initiative is helping hundreds of street children get an education - in a country where literacy rates are dismal.

The makeshift school has been set up under a busy flyover bridge around a bustling and busy street.

“The idea was to give street children a shot at getting a school education. We chose the busy flyover bridge because this is where a lot of these street children work,” said Syeda Anfas Ali Shah Zaidi, whose NGO is helping the school.

“These kids don’t go to government run schools because they aren’t willing to get off the street and they are often working to support themselves. So we thought it was better to take the school to them."

The 'open-air’ runs with over 100 regular students which runs amid the constant honking of passing vehicles. The teachers say they run classes of 15-20 students each and teach elementary subjects such as english and maths.