Dude Breaks His Girl Jaw Report

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48603 Videos . Published on Sep 06, 2019

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bigsen 4 months ago

her pussy was stank..

brodriguez 6 months ago

If it were broken she wouldn't be able to open it up wide like she did. Let alone all that spitting and talking. It just hurts is all . Pour some milk or tussin on it. You'll be fine.

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

Rog just cause you're proud doesn't mean you gotta show the whole world....lol

Rog 6 months ago


luckyking16 6 months ago

Well what did she do

Rog 6 months ago

i see what you did there

suckyducky 6 months ago

Si that justify hitting her cause ya shit was broken and she not dropping enough to be broke

realhated 6 months ago


blues 2 months ago

Next time suck that dick good girl