Chick Almost Falls Into The Grand Canyon While Taking A Photo Report

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2127 Videos . Published on Nov 08, 2019

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resjaun 10 days ago

I get the fact that she almost fell is terrifying but are we gonna ignore how creepy it is that some random is recording 2 girls from a distance in a isolated are?

benevoletracist 10 days ago


atp2 10 days ago

She just would've been added to the list of people that fell to there deaths in the grand canyon

snappy77 10 days ago

close call

teddylee 10 days ago

Probably needs new pants after that one.

bigsen 10 days ago

she die she flying...

josephaaneya 10 days ago


money123 10 days ago

Anything for the ufo

deemoe 10 days ago

Gotta be more careful