Couple Caught Getting Handsy In Front Of Their Children At The Beach Report

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48178 Videos . Published on Sep 06, 2019

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suckyducky 11 days ago

That's what animals do they don't care what the youngin see they do it teaching and doing them

shutdavuckup 11 days ago

Imagine the shit they do in front of those children behind closed doors. Filth!!!

fuxwitit247 11 days ago

Some might say those kids are lucky....

zodd 11 days ago

Typical cracker behavior. White man looking at little kids as he is busts a nut. Thats why they had whites only beaches back in the day, blacks knew whites couldnt be trusted around half naked kids playing in the sand.

luckyking16 11 days ago

As he stares at his sons ass wow kill all whites

fuxwitit247 11 days ago

That's how I was taught to build a sand castles...

gimmieasmallslice 11 days ago

The facts came out that the kids were the neighbors kids that they were supposed to be babysitting. Yet they bought them shorts too short and transported them to the beach, without consent.....

bigdawg 11 days ago