Female Cashier Fights Off Armed Robber With Mop


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Info : Published on Feb 22, 2020

video appeared on the web of an unsuccessful attempt to rob a store in northern Poland. The incident occurred on February 14, but the record was published only the other day.

The saleswoman washed the floor and was preparing to calculate the daily revenue. At this moment, a man with a gun entered the premises of the outlet and demanded that he give him cash.

Suddenly, a lady grabbed a mop and attacked the raider. A short brawl ended in favor of a decisive woman who managed to put an attacker on the run.

A store employee chased the criminal, but he managed to hide from her in a car. The police have not yet managed to get on the trail of the suspect.

In an interview with local media, the saleswoman admitted that she still can’t understand where so much courage came from, but noted that she would like to look into the eyes of her opponent and ask why he went to the crime.

As a result, the woe-raider did not manage to get to the money, and he was content with a couple of packs of cigarettes, which he in a hurry managed to grab from the counter.

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normalthom 8 months ago

He didn't know that she was carrying a loaded mop!!

josephaaneya 8 months ago

haha magic