Girl Punches Her Elderly Teacher In The Face Over Classroom Drama Report

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2441 Videos . Published on Nov 13, 2019

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eyeswatching1 23 days ago

Lock that dike bitch up!!!

mostdopevisuals 23 days ago

That’s fucked up nobody helped that old lady. That’s somebody Grandma that dyke ass bitch hit. I would've beat her fat ass.

benevoletracist 23 days ago

kid needs to be in reform school for a few years till she turns 18 then another 10 years in state prison. Then when she gets out she sees the teacher on the street and the old crone says "Hey, how ya doing ?"

money123 23 days ago

Let's get it

marcel 23 days ago

She should be expelled from that school district. Also, need some jail time. If they allow that dyke back to the school. The teacher should bait her into another physical altercation and then sue the school for big $$$$

chris9731 23 days ago

this is why the substitute beat the shit out that girl the other day. Lil shit's don't know how too act these days.

eazye03 23 days ago

Crazy that the teacher actually went back and felt she needed to explain herself to the student.... Like she was kinda in the wrong... and knew she deserved the punch lol

nice 23 days ago

Fucking niggas. Pieces of shit race.