Stud Pulls Up To Her Opp House And Slaps The Sh*t Out Of Their Mom Report

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48603 Videos . Published on Dec 18, 2019

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money123 2 months ago

Time to kill this ho

yanayaaaana 2 months ago

Maaaan That Shit So Disrespectful That The Only Way To Make It Right Is To End Lil Shawty For Good. Otherwise You A Bitch If Yu Let Her Get Away With Slapping Yo Mother Man . Smh

noob 2 months ago

Shes going to the er

eazye03 2 months ago

IF that stud makes it out of that aparrtment complex, she would be dead by tomorrow morning. I'd spend the ENTIRE afternoon plotting.

legacy 2 months ago

Hell No.. She gotta go

kushkandy 2 months ago

That bitch would have been dead that same day fytb ..

brandon1 2 months ago


cetewayo53 25 days ago

that would have been the last person she ever hit.

atp2 2 months ago

He she Ass would've been whooped right there on the spot

andyandy 2 months ago

i would have

josephaaneya 2 months ago