Racist Men Want To Kill Black People Report

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48 Videos . Published on Jun 29, 2020

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thehazeofourlives 9 days ago

THIS is why even the sun hates pink ppl.

optimistic740 9 days ago

Morons. White trash morons.

ispitonyagrav3 9 days ago

Lol move back to Africa quick? Smh shouldve never taken us from there in the first place. Lol you do realize they just shot a sign right? Lmao those guys really mean business. Foh

greater20 9 days ago

I agree with them. All lives matter. Those blackies need to stop living off welfare

greenrod 9 days ago

That's funny because there's more white people on welfare before the coronavirus and much more now. Do you know why...... because there is more white people 79% then black people 12% you dumb stupid pathetic honkie. Where do you idiotic fools cave apes come from🤔

greenrod 9 days ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

johndoemofo 9 days ago

This will become reality soon, we've reached our limits and are fed up. Best that you all move back to Africa quick .

bossgod 9 days ago

It’s best you go back to Europe Fxg boy

johndoemofo 9 days ago

We own America, it's ours. You will discover that if the leftist keep backing us into a corner.

gatman777 9 days ago

my point is this. if you are so proud of who you are and what you stand for,why cover your face?

cowboyt37 7 days ago


db135i 9 days ago

sweet...they can do the same thing bla k folks can do

loveyoubaby 9 days ago

Don't talk about it. Go and kill all the niggrs you can starting with Stacy in Brooklyn aka Hazeofourlives.