Baby Shower Gone Wrong: Pregnant Side Chick Pulls Up To Her Man's Baby Shower & All Hell Breaks Loose! Report

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992 Videos . Published on Jul 07, 2020

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macinga 29 days ago

Please tell me this staged

tee1982 29 days ago

I see so many reasons why dude didn't give her a baby shower as well....smh

greater20 29 days ago

We really don't want those kind of blackies pushing out offsprings.

legacy 29 days ago

Dude shut the F**k up.. You really sound so fuckin retarded when you say that! Literally!

greater20 29 days ago

You must be another pregnant blackie. Your children should be taken away from your roach and rat infested apartment.

theoneandonly1 28 days ago

1:46 o girl really thicker than Snicker

anton77 29 days ago

it looks staged

speedyg85 29 days ago

Some porn caliber acting going on here

rdavis67 29 days ago

Typical. That is Coonery my friends. How about that nasty silverback with the orange hair. That B***h built like a man

greenlantern1 29 days ago


hanson 29 days ago


db135i 29 days ago

Yes please say this is staged...everything was too perfect

audrey2 29 days ago

So staged. Some of the "actors" are laughing but "screaming" in anger.

espezy 29 days ago

Fake as fuck.

Eather way bro winning

meekmillfan 29 days ago

her own damn fault

atp2 27 days ago


kiante0620 20 days ago

The caption doesn’t make any sense🤦🏾‍♀️.

whiteymctrash 29 days ago

I'm going to have to agree to disagree.