Sicko Eats A Piece Of His Leg


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By: coldirtybastard

Channel : WTF  
Info : Published on Oct 27, 2019

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blacksfarsuperior 11 months ago

Whites and Chinese are both from under ground (hell) and they both ha e always been cannibals . .listen to heavy metal and you will know their true heritage.

benevoletracist 11 months ago

Really ???? Really ??? Ask yo mama I bet she's got a secret family recipe for missionary stew.

blacksfarsuperior 11 months ago

No it has missed you. Not everyone cares to know the truth...they just watch TV and believe what they learn in pubic school.typo intended

gimmieasmallslice 11 months ago


rustyben911 11 months ago

fake as he cant do that show every weekend he would have no skin left so its fake skin

benevoletracist 11 months ago

I pray to heaven it's a trick

money123 11 months ago

Wtf we out bro