This Teacher Has A Phatty Report

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4735 Videos . Published on Sep 28, 2019

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shooterboi1017 8 months ago

Butt fake

meekmillfan 8 months ago

teachers with ass shouldnt be allowed to teach...all im learning is how to jack off

tdouble 8 months ago


knutz666 8 months ago

Ms Burdine 7th grade english way back in 1967

bigdawg 8 months ago

Gotdayum! Y'all had teachers like this back then? We had Mrs. Simmons in 6th grade back in 76, but then we moved way out in the burbs and I ain't see shit but longbacks after that.

knutz666 8 months ago

she wore tight dresses and a garter belt everyday did I mention she had all boys in her classes

nathandrake89 8 months ago


wakanda77 8 months ago

Ms. Maloney, 12th Grade English, 1995. She got fired for doing porn.

lilgeorge 8 months ago

nice booty

sunnyvoodooo 8 months ago


snappy77 8 months ago

omg im going back to school

money123 8 months ago


rlfaulkner88 8 months ago

Good lawrd have mercy

danilo557 8 months ago

Damn i wouldnt miss o e class

Her butt fake. Look at her old pics on her IG. It was flat asf lol

alligator 8 months ago

What's her IG? I need it for educational purposes...

Study up bruh

deno103 8 months ago

Shittt hella phat

bigsen 8 months ago

i need a pressure pill after this video..

btw 8 months ago

Have mercy

maddworld1 8 months ago

Never had a bad teacher. Not even a sub

odysseydoll 8 months ago

I bet alot of people are saying they wish she was their teacher lol.

saysumthinelsenukka 8 months ago

i'd get an F