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There are crimes of passion that are somewhat understandable because they come in the heat of the moment between two people who at one time had amorous feelings towards one another. Then there is deliberately waiting until your partner falls asleep and trying to gnaw off their genitals like a sadistic barbarian. After a night of drinking on Thursday, Amber Ellis and her boyfriend got into a fight about “how needy she had become.” Once they returned to their apartment the boyfriend decided he had done enough bickering and retired for the evening by sleeping on the couch. Amber stormed into the bedroom and slammed the door. However the infuriated girlfriend decided that she still had a bone to pick with him. She later came out and attempted to bite off her boyfriend’s penis.

The victim told police he fought Ellis off but she hit him in the head with a laptop computer. Wow! Insult to chode injury. You know he was drunk and groggy so he probably thought his sweetiepie was taking off his pants to give him a loving makeup beej. Then… CHOMP! The unlucky lad was taken to a local Tulsa hospital where he received (Pains me to even write this) several stitches to the base of his penis and was treated for injuries to his head, face, neck, fingers and knee. Should have slept on your stomach bruh. The 31-year-old woman was arrested and charged with maiming and assault with a dangerous weapon. Ellis was booked into the Tulsa County Jail and is being held on a $25,000 bond. No word on if they patched things up or if he has any hard feelings. However Amber is hoping to beat the charges because she believes that the evidence will never stand up in court.

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