Woman Records Hijacking And Attempted Kidnapping By Alleged Fake Police Officers! Report

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48174 Videos . Published on Jan 22, 2015
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Chinese people or rather I should say Asian people, since they all look the same are always the target of kidnapping etc. I mean they are always the brutal victims even in many major movies. I don’t know why but people make them innocent victims of things they are not even involved in. like come on black people they are not racist against you, there are probably only 1% Asian people in the police and none of the Asian people are at war in the world.

This is a raw footage of two women recording an incident which they first think of police making a brutal arrest. They know that this is not right since they have guns and if they keep on resisting they might get shot. But everything seems strange since the cars are not real police cars. There is simply havoc everywhere when the guys manage to get the Asian woman inside the car and start moving you see that a man tries and escapes from the first car and it is then when the women realize that this is all not real. The cops are fake and the situation is terrible. Just at the same time the woman from the back car also escapes and runs towards them while the women are making a call to the police.


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